Missing the best Teacher

Believe it or not, i am crying a little bit while i am writing this. Why am i crying? Because one of the best teacher that i ever had, is leaving tomorrow to Canada, his home. This teacher was very special to me. He was one of the best teacher that raffles has ever had in the Multimedia Section! Even my friends says so. We adored him, I adored him. Always, whenever he steps in the class, he gets hyper. Even during lesson, he would all of sudden make some weird noise. I always have to laugh. He brings joy to the class, and that’s what’s great about him. One time i felt very moody because something was wrong at home. I didn’t feel like going to Uni at all, but i still went. Just when my teacher steps in the classroom, my whole negative emotion has been erased and replaced with good emotions. How weird is that? I always taught he was some sort of an angel or someone that was part of God. OK OK, i might be going a little to far here, but hey i’m christian and I believe things when there is proof.

Sniff* Sniff*36_1_4.gif

I will surely miss this teacher. Very much! Hope we meet in the future! ^>^


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