Today is the birthday of Bonnie a friend of mine from Raffles. Its been a while i haven’t seen her or even talked with her!




Little Note



Shocked but Healed after a great time!

Today i went for an appointment for my eye. I needed an operation of my Cataract on my left eye. But believe it or not, in BNH, just for an operation that last for couple of minutes is 60,000 B!!!36_11_23.gif i taught i would have a Heart Attack! This hospital is CRAZY! Just for a couple minutes of that much? thieves i tell ya, they are a bunch of thieves!

Anywayz, after that went to Meet up with Salisha, a friend of mine from Raffles.  She was suppose to meet me at 12 in Siam infront of Dunkin’ Donut.  Unfortunatly, she didn’t!bigw.gif she came at 1 oclock because she got lost as she took her car in town, in which she doesn’t usually.  Anywayz, i had a great time with Salishas friends! We went bowling in MBK and drank like mad! It was the best night ever for me!sdfasdf.gif Including some sexy guys! Anywayz, i am off now.



You are kidding me!! Titanic2??? What the hell?! Doesn’t look good at all you know. Why do they have to do that?! Titanic didn’t have a survivor accept the old Rose. Damn it! Well, see it for yourself.

Spider Man 3 Preview!

Spider man3 is COMING! YAY!

Spider man,Spider man, nananananana….forgot the worlds.

Birthday and Life

First of all, i would like to say happybdaycolour.gif to Alex my friend in Raffles. She is i think a one year younger then me. Not too sure. She is still studying in Raffles while i am on holiday! Woohoo!!

8:30 am

Finally, woke up at this time. Cool! Ate some chocolati cerealtongue0022.gif.


I went to get some of the pictures to develop right after Starbucks!starbucks.gif That reminds me, maybe i should go and get a Frappucino Frappe or Chocolate Frappe…sign0006.gif
Anyways, i was waiting for ages for the wireless connection to get connected! The weather is pretty bad here, no sun since this morning ,only when i went out with my mom that the sun came out! emot104.gif Yes, here is very hot. At least 30C degrees. 30 doesn’t seem like a high number, but could be worse!

4:55 pm

My father came back from work. Of course he came back with food back! Going to eat some french food left overs. Yummy!

In the news, as you must all know, but still going to tell you, that Madonna has adopted a baby boy from Malawi Africa. Here is an Article:

‘Madonna’s journey to Malawi included visits to several orphanages. The artist is building an orphanage and child care center in Malawi to help the children of that country whose parents have died as a result of the aids epidemic. Madonna’s visit is under the auspices of the Raising Malawi organization. To learn more about Raising Malawi visit


The teacher has left the country

Oh darn it! My favorit teacher is gone. I wanted to say goodbye to him for the very last time but that won’t happen now!

Have a nice and safe trip to Canada. Oh my goodness! 22hours of flight?! i wish i was in that flight! i love flying!13.gif

Wish you a good luck there.



I drew this because it was for my project. Unfortunatly, it didn’t make it in my projectemot101.gif. But anyways, i still have it. You must all be wondering, “Why she has half of her hears?” Well, i don’t think that all cats can be perfect. I just got bored seeing a perfect cat, with sexy legs and stuff. I wanted to look a cat in a different way. So i drew this, with half of the ears. Doesn’t it look more real then fake? I mean, what if a “real” cat is out there actually looking like this??



Slow Life

7:30am Bangkok Thailand. “No Sun”

Feeling little drowsy, i woke up as my mobile phone alarm went off. Where is my mobile? Why can’t i see a thing? Oh right, i forgot, my mask was over my eye.

Every since i had to wear this mask, you know when they give you on the plane to sleep(how can anyone sleep?) , my eye was better. Couples months ago, i had a terrible eye infection. Went to BNH hospital for an emergency and the doctor said i had dust in my eye. How the hell did I get an eye infection? Probably during the night. My parents thinks i am playing too much with my dog. But, i love my dogs4010270.JPG!!! But i found the solution, every night i have to wear the mask when my parents left for India (FOR FREE!!!)

Anyways, ever since, i dont’ have a problem with the eye. I think it must be the air-con. The people in my compound still haven’t cleaned the aircon for a year now.


9:00 am. “Slow life”

Waking up again. “It must be 8:30 now” i look at my mobile for the time and… “9:00?!?!” i quickly got up. I couldn’t believe it! I woke up at 9:00 a.m! That’s way to late for me. I usually wake up 7:30 – 8:30. Later then that, my whole day is ruined. My father always told me, Time is precious. And he was right. Every second, you achieve something. You manage to continue something and able to finish halfway. Well, today, already one hour has been lostemot0.gif!




12:25 pm Bangkok Thailand

Just finished my lunch. Arrrggghhh, just ate too much. I feel like my stomach is right up to where my heart is. Feeling sleepy, but don’t want to go to bed, too early!smily-yawn.gif

What will i do the rest of the day?! hmmm, i am not too sure just yet. Probably just going to look some things in the Internet and some pictures.

4:45 pm

I’m here, drawing and retouching in Photoshop. Then i hear my father usual shout of saying hello. That quite startled me, because he usually comes a little later. My dog of course was so happy as if he hasn’t seen my father for years! You know how dogs can be sometimes. A little to attached to the family. Anyways, i went up and greeded my father, I went back to continue my “favorite” latop, then minutes later, it was all quite! There was no sound at all. No bird singing, no children shouting at the pool, no sound of the cars on the highway. Absolutly nothing! “Thats strange” i said to myself. I went out to look what was going on. No people on the street! I was getting really worried! What was going on? I just shook my head and went back on my laptop and started drawing on my tablet when all of a suddent, everything went back to normal! The birds where singing, children running around the pool like crazy kids. “That was really strange” I taught to myself, i might have experience a time freeze sort of thing! Now thats freaky!



Q: Why Dragons?

A: Well, dragons are magnificent animal ever been created. And i still believe they really lived for real. With the dinosaurs. So, just by my imagination, i draw this. Imagining that the two dragons fight for dominant. World is a challenge for them, they have to fight to survive and raise their own young. I really wonder what life could have been in the past? Where have their species gone? Questions are still unanswered.

Q: why is it this creature fascinates you?

A: because i love the way they are build for. Flying and fighting at the same time. I love the way god created the eye, on how it suppose to look evil when it looks at you. Trying to frighten one another, who is the scariest of all the dragons. Who will stand up from the crowd of dragons.


Hello and Welcome

Hello to anyone that is viewing my blog.

This is surely is my first time to create this blog, thanks to WordPress. First of all, it took me ages just find the right website, because it the Admin, asked to be paid. i didn’t want that at all. I just wanted a free one just like one of my friend have! So, finally got one. You have no idea how my brain is so rested now after searching for at least one year! But anyways, let the story begin:

12:00 am.

I woke up in a sudden pain. Struggling to wake up to see what time it was, i switched on the light and looked at the time. “12:00a.m!! What the hell!” So i gather with all my energy went to the bathroom as usual, but the pain still remains. I lay down on my bed and tried every position i can be to be comfortable, but the pain was still there.

Yup, periods! Periods can be annoying and moody at the same time. First time in my life that it started at midnight. Quite surprised but i wasn’t feeling well to think of anything else. Took two pills of paracetamol, but even that, my period still manages to beat this pain killers and trying to kill me or even eat me alive from the inside. Sounds scary, i know, i just scare myself too. I think i am watching too many scary movies, but anyways i told myself “This will be done in no time”. But i was wrong. The whole night i couldn’t sleep. I twist and turn every direction and the pain was still there. My dog came beside my bed, sat near me and watched me. He knew something was wrong. But he was sitting there, staring at me. “What!” i told him, he replied to me with his head twisting on one side. I started laughing. I couldn’t believe how my dog really looked cute in the night. With the full moon shining in his furry face. Outside was really dark, but amazingly, my dog was the only thing i could see in the dark. Very well define with the moonlight. It was incredible how the moon, no as powerful as the sun, can light up an object so perfectly on one thing. As i continue to laugh, my dog goes back to sleep. Yes, my dog always manages to make my mood meter a little higher toward happiness. This dog is incredible!

3:35 am.

“OH, the hell with it!” i went to get two more pills, and the job was done. I doze off to sleep.

7 : 30am.

Hearing these noises. Why can’t people just stay quite for one hour more!!! Trying to dose off to sleep, but i couldn’t. I open my eyes carefully trying to figure out what was the noise all about. Recognizing the noise, it was the television. Could it be right on top of my bedroom? I looked at my watch. “7:30 am” the sun was already shining with its deadly heat. Could my parents be already awake? They don’t usually wake up that early! Then why today? because i could even answer that question i doze off to sleep.

8:00 am

My dog woke me. “OK, its time to get up now. Enough of sleep!” i tried to move away from him, but he always manages to find a way to wake me up. Smart boy! If i don’t wake up now, i already know what he will do next. A painful wake-up call.

Usually, if i don’t wake up any sooner, the only option for him is to become a bull. He would just charge right into me, making contact from his nose to my nose. Many times it happened to me, especially when its University time. Its annoying but the pain does the job. But i never get angry at him, why should I? he is just doing his job! At least i don’t need these annoying alarm clock. ^.^”

So, i wake up fully before anything else happens and now i could clearing hear the noise. The news. Yup, that’s my parents alright. They love news, and me? pfff…just the opposite.

After that, nothing special happened. Just a family time together.

Peace Out!