Long time no write…

Yeah, sorry i haven’t written for a long time, but i had to recover from my operation. So, everything went well of my operation. It was EXTREMELY itchy during the weekends, but i couldn’t rub my eyes, or else it will displace the lense.

So, on Friday, i arrived at the hospital around 7:00 a.m then they put all sorts of medicins into my eyes. (I f**king hate when they put these things.) Then my operation was supposed to be at 10.00 am…but i was sleeping so much that they woke me up and says that it was ready for me. So, i didn’t realized the time, but gosh, i didn’t want to get off that soft. It was very confortable. So, i walk toward the door, feeling a little sleepy. My mom was waving at me and smiling and cheering. I smile back and passed the closing door. It was beautiful inside there. I have never seen an operation room before, but i could see all the equipments hanging there, beds, lights. I wasn ‘t scared at all of what was going to come. As i turned to my left, i could see the person lying down, and was having the smae operation as me. I could see what they where doing there. I was so fascinated about it that i just froze there.

“There is nothing to see there!” One of the nurses came and took me away.

“I am not scared you know!” I replied to her. She smiled at me and i lay down on a hard bed! If only they could give me a huge pillow in which i could sleep on. lol The doctor gave me a medicine that was HORRIBLE! it was very bitter and i asked him what it was, he said it was for relaxing. When i was lying down, i was shivering like mad! The doctor put one blanket on me, but i was still shakiing like mad. Then, the actual doctor that was going to operate me (female) came and said hi. Then they where going to inject me into the eyes musle. I could feel the needle going into the musle and it hurt really bad when the fluid flows around the eye. Then i coudn’t close my EYE!!! that was scary. The doctor then told me to look left and right, up and down, but the left eye wasn’t moving! The doctor told me they will do another injection but deeper! Ok, i helf myself and tried to accept the pain, but thinking that i wouldn’t feel anything, i could STILL feel it! I felt the needle going very deep, pratically like going behind the eye ball, and i could feel again the flow of the fluid. That hurt too. Then i coudln’t feel my eyes at all. My vision was becoming very blurring.  I could only see a light circling me around and around again.  Then as soon i can even know it, its all done.  Lol…i felt very drowsy then i couldn’t feel my teeth anymore.  My mom wanted me to eat something when i wasn’t hungry!8hews.gif Anywayz i felt like sleeping…so i slept the whole day!!!



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