James Browns has left the earth

James Brown was a very good singer. I loved some of his songs. He reminded me very much of “Ray”. You maybe be gone, but your songs will stay on the earth for life. The history of your songs is higher then ever. Rest in Peace.

Here is his history if some of you want to know more about his childhood and how he became in this world:


The actual birthdate and place of James Joe Brown, Jr. is disputed, but it occurred during the late 1920s or early 1930s in the South. Brown was a stillborn child, but was revived by his great-aunt. At the age of four, his mother left the family, and Brown and his father went to live with his aunt, who ran a brothel in Augusta, Georgia. Brown grew up very poor, and would do odd jobs such as shine shoes and pick cotton to earn money for food and clothes. By his teens, Brown had turned to petty theft, and was arrested and sent to the Alto Reform School, in Toccoa, Georgia, in 1949.

When he got out and decided to clean up a few years later, he started playing semiprofessional baseball and tried his hand at boxing. He soon was performing in the gospel group the Famous Flames, with whom he released the 1956 song �Please, Please, Please.� The song became a huge hit, and James Brown�s musical career was on its way. Over the next 30 years, Brown released dozens of albums and hit singles, including over 40 gold records. He has worked with some of R&B�s most famous musicians, including Maceo Parker and Bootsy Collins, and laid the foundation for future funk and hip-hop artists to comes.

Along the way, Brown has run into many legal problems, including spousal abuse, tax evasion, and drug abuse. Married three times, Brown�s last wife Adrienne died from a combination of PCP and prescription drugs after having cosmetic surgery. Tragedy had struck Brown years earlier when son Teddy died in an automobile accident in 1973. The most famous of his run-ins with the law saw Brown sentenced to six years in jail in 1988 after leading police in South Carolina on a two state, high-speed chase. He was released in 1991, and vowed to be a new man. Over the last few years, he has remained relatively quiet, making fewer albums and appearences.

Throughout his problems, Brown has always maintained a positive outlook on life. His goal has always been to entertain everybody, which is apparent by his notorious stage shows. As a young boy, Brown loved all the different spectacles of the circus, and he would model his stage shows after this, with his large band, flamboyant dancing, and patented yelps and screeches.
Work History
(mid �50s) Worked as a semiprofessional baseball player and a boxer.

(1955) Begins singing with the group the Famous Flames.

(1956) Records first hit song, Please, Please, Please.

(1973) Composed the score for the movie Black Caesar.

(1980) Released the albums Hot on the One and Soul Syndrome.

(1980) Appeared in the movie the Blues Brothers.

(1981) Released the albums Can�t Your Heart Stand It!, Nonstop!, Live in New York, The Third Coming, and Special.

(1982) Released the albums Mean on the Scene and James Brown.

(1983) Released the album Bring it On!

(1985) Released the albums Live at the Apollo Pt. 2, Vol. 1 &2, and Live In Concert.

(1985) Appeared in the movie Rocky IV.

(1986) Released the albums Gravity and In the Jungle Groove.

(1988) Released the albums Motherlode, Santa�s Got a Brand New Bag, I�m Real, and James Brown’s Funky People, Pt. 2.

(1990) Released the album Soul Jubilee.

(1991) Released the albums Soul�s Alive and Love Over-due.

(1992) Released the albums Is Back, Love Power Peace, Spank, and Universal James.

(1994) Released the album Turn it Loose.

(1995) Released the albums Live, Living in America, Live at the Apollo 1995, James Brown’s Funky Christmas, and Christmas.

(1996) Released the albums Hookedonbrown and Try Me.

(1997) Released the album James Brown: Live.

(1998) Released the albums Dead on the Heavy Funk, Say It Live & Loud: Live in Dallas 1968, and I�m Back.

(1998) Appeared in the movie Blues Brothers 2000.

(1999) Released the album On Stage.

(1986) Wrote autobiography James Brown, Godfather of Soul.
Chairman of the Board of James Brown Productions and James Brown Entertainment.


Christmas half good and half choking.

Christmas was great, in the beginning! We had a lovely feast that my mom cooked. She is such a great cooker! ^.^ then we ate the 13 desserts as in the french way. What does the 13th desserts mean and why? well here is the history:

Almost every region in France has its own special way to celebrate the Christmas season. In Paris, oysters and foie gras are served for réveillon, in Brittany crêpes are usually on the menu. In Provence, the season actually starts on December 4th, St. Barbe’s day. Children wrap wheat or lentil seeds in a damp cloth so that they germinate. The tiny seedlings are transplanted and then placed in a sunny window to grow. The plants portend prosperity for the family during the coming year and are used to decorate the crèche as well as the table for Christmas Eve supper.

A week before Christmas the Santons will be unpacked and placed on the mantel or on a table. A little stable with the Holy Family is added and then the table is decorated with the plants. The theaters in many of the towns stage little plays, called presepi in which all the characters (represented by the santons) of the crèche play a part.

On Christmas Eve, before leaving for Midnight Mass, the family gathers for the gros souper which celebrates all the things the family is thankful for, yet maintains a religious symbolism. It is composed of seven meatless meals, which represent the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mother. The table itself is set with 3 white tablecloths and 3 candles, representing the Trinity. The St. Barbe’s wheat also decorates the table. Before sitting down to the table, the oldest member and the youngest member of the family walk around the table 3 times carrying a fruitwood log. It is blessed with some of the vin cuit and then placed in the fireplace. After the souper, the Treize Desserts (13 Desserts) are served. This also has a religious meaning, representing all those present at the Last Supper. Before leaving for Midnight mass, the thirteen desserts are set on a clean tablecloth at another table ready for neighbors, beggars or the souls of the ancestors to taste while everyone is at church. The leftover wine is poured on the fire, the log removed, wrapped and put away until next Christmas.

After the mass, the family returns for the “Repas Gras”. For this feast, assorted game, a variety of roasts and many different wines from the region are served. On Christmas day, a roast turkey or capon is served and for dessert a bûche de Noël, usually purchased from the local pâtissier is served along with the 13 desserts. After two full days of feasting, a simple bowl of l’aigo bouido – garlic soup – is served for Christmas dinner.

So you ruffly know why we are doing this. My mom, of course, was the first to eat the 13 desserts. I couldn’t, i just ate way too muc. I ate 9 desserts. I never reached 13 desserts. My sister, only ate 5 desserts. My dad, i think 4 desserts. He can’t eat sweets that much as most of you know, he is a diabetic.

And appears itself that suddenly, when we where opening the gifts, precisely, my father had a sudden crisis of asthma absolutely alarming!!!!!!!!! It had spasms which begin like a cough ‘ normal’, but which does not let any more air to pass, so much the passages are restricted. Therefore, I saw him coughing non-stop but i could see that he was turning red and wasn’t getting any oxygen!! I quickly looked at my mom, and it was choked straight forwardly in front of us and we saw suddenly my father started to slip from his chair, because he was getting unconscious/blacked out!!! My goodness, you should have seen us, we did not panic, noooo!!! I quickly tried to pull him up straigh because of lack of oxygen, his lungs was closing and his body was curving in a dangerous position. I tried to prevent him from falling and shouted “breathe, breathe PAPA!!!!”, while my mom also tried to maintain his siting and Annabelle (my sister) was hitting on his back! And my mom howled to Annabelle to take his Berodual (which is like Ventoline, but in the event of urgency) – but she couldn’t find it, because it was not in the usual place! We really thought that he was going to die because he didn’t respond for a while… what a fright! And suddenly, he returned fully and wondered why we were all in front of him and why we were shouting, because he blackout that he didn’t remember anything… the passages had been suddenly released and he took his Berodual. But then, he was nevertheless very tired, undoubtedly after this shock for the system…

The scene in which i was pulling my father up straigh, i didn’t know what i was doing. I didn’t know at first what to do when my father wasn’t stopping coughing and his face getting red, but by instinc told me that i have to make my father to stay straight. So i did. My sister and I have never been on this situation before. Only my mother can tell what is wrong and what we where suppose to do, after such a long time in marriage she knows the situation, but she didn’t tell us anything as she was very occupied on getting my father straight and shouting “Oh no, DAVID…DAVID!!!” repeately. Before my father fell unconsious, he made a sign with his hand, that is extremely reconizable since we where children, that he needed his Berodual. And then he wasn’t responding anymore, his face was totally red, his eyes shut!! I was there looking at him, shaking with fear that he was going to die on Christmas eve!! So i quickly prayed that he has to wake up! I was almost crying when he took consiousness, and a huge relief came out from me. I was still holding my father straight, didn’t want to let him go. I was so scared. Never been scared in my whole life. His eyes where red, his face was still a little red, and i told him to take a deep breath while taking the Berodual. My dog was yelling his head off. His bark was so much more louder then usual! He knew what was going on and tried to participate in helping.

After this whole scene, i couldn’t sleep. Even though i was really tired, i just couldn’t sleep. My dog was sitting near to my bed and puts his head on my hand to confort me for a while. I was still shaking andthe scene kept on playing again and again, like i was watching TV. I wanted to erase this image, but i already know that this is somethign my father will never be able to become like us. Free of hillness. My father has so much problem: Asthma, diabetic, weak in illness, bronchi infections, short breath, can’t walk normal paste like us but slower, phobia.

Anywayz, at least he didn’t die. What a huge relief that was and what a day to end. All of this started around 10:45pm or something like that. But now he is better and hope that he won’t get another bad one like that again!!


sleepy.gif The sleepy head.

1 more day until Christmas!

Ohhhhhhh…..i can’t wait for tomorrow! you should see me, running around like crazy and peeking into the presents…i know…i am a bad girl…391.gif Anyways, I have been driving EVERYWHERE, bringing my father here, taking my mom there, took my sister over here…you get the idea and just got back which isssssssssssssssss……..6:30 pm. I did some Indian Cooking for tomorrow, and an orange cake. My legs36_1_4.gif My poor legs!!!! Now i am walking like a cowboy after sitting on the horse. grrr! I do sound like a dog don’t I? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

7:30 was the movie Corps Bride.  Its a MUST SEE movie…its hilarious!!! I love that movie because, well…because i love animation of course! ^.^

Ok i am off to bed now!


Nicole Kidman

Christmas is near

  Today, i really taught i was going to die! i woke up at 9:00 a.m! cry.png gosh never wake up that late! Woke up quickly, then saw my father still up. He was sick and had to leave a little later.  Then he came back around 1:00 pm, i cooked a soup and a chinese style fish with vegy.  Yummy! i will have to do more cooking when my parents aren’t here anymore.  And mostly i will be alone, eating alone,image00111.gifsniff sniff…gosh today i am crying so much! whats going on?!?!  hehehe, then me and my mom we went to IT SQUARE, which is near to our home and its similar to PANTIP PLAZA, but this IT SQUARE is more legal then Pantip.  I don’t really like Pantip. IT SQUARE is more trusted.  I think its a must go place.  Trust me, it worth it because i bough loads of thing from there and not once it was faulty! ^.^

Anywayz, christmas is getting near.  Can’t wait to open my presents.   I already know what my sisters is having as a big present.  A new mobile phone, LG Chocolate! sniff sniff….i am sooooooooo jealous! thats ok, i will sell my mobile phone and try to have this Motorolla and don’t know the name of the serie.  Yikes.

Anywayz, still freezing my butt off here.  Its great to have winter back!



Winter in BKK has arrived!

7:00 a.m

My mom came into my room and asked for my passport! arght, just wanted to sleep another hour! quickly woke up, gave her the passport, and everything for the visa thingy. Then went to help my dad with his shoes. Wait a minute, is it me or is the weather? why, its cold. I mean REALLY cold. COLD?!?!? Its back?! i can’t believe it…its actually back! youraay…i just love the cold. I never actually grew up in a cold weather. Africa wasn’t that deep cold. Just about 20c, and in malaysia? pfff…not even close…the lowers it can get is 27…i think. Today its 20c in the morning. Doesn’t seem that cold, but i am really not used for it to be so cold like that. I was tucked in so quickly on the sofa, under the Massaiis cover. Its so nice and warm…3002.gif lol…i was sitting in front of the TV shivering my butt off. Brrr…anywayz was waiting for my maid to come and clean up.


The workers has come to fix the balcony. And whats the point? To prevent roberies to climb? they are doing exactly the oposite. They build more bars when it used to have some sort of wall. They are really confused!

12:00 pm.

LUNCH time! yummy…oh..nothing in the fridge…accept a tiny fried fish. sniff sniff. I am a big eater, even though i am sort of fat…Loads of my friend says that i am thin…thats because i am wearing clothes that doesn’t make me fat. hehe but i am telling the truth…two kilos i picked up and i am trying to lose that…DARN periods! i hate you! Making me eat like a pig…


Made a box for my mother. A christmasy box, all by myself, hand made. Oh and i will be selling some boxes. You guys remember what i told you about my boxes? The toothpick, the wood thingy that people use at the farm, and some other KEWL design i will be selling. That is if i can find somewhere in which people would ACTUALLY buy this home made boxes stuff. lol….i do hope i can gain money pretty fast!

Sorry i am sort of sleepy right now…its 10:17pm and watching Final Destination2 on the internet. So bloody good. Yesterday watched Final Destination4 with the rollercoater, i taught that was freaking cool! Its a MUST SEE movie sort of thing. I love movies like that…tough i hate to watch it in the night. It creeps me out, tough i got my dog here…so i am safe.

Well, i will be writing more tomorrow…need to watch ze movie.

Bonne Journee a vous tous. (Good day to you all)

Christmas party

Today was Raffles Christmas party. I went to Salysha’s place early in the morning, around 10a.m and of course she was still asleep. -.-” So i had to wake her up to make sure that she will be on time for her afternoon class. I saw Leo, Salysha’s Golden Retriver. He is soo adorable! He greeted me so happily and making weird noises! ^.^ then of course just to get dress, Salisha took AGES!! I mean, unbelievable long!! She is soo like my sister. They are both dog in Astrology. So, its like having a twin sister…freaky!!! Then of course we were runnung late, really late. We arrived at Uni around 4:00pm. Traffic was a nightmare getting there.
Anywayz, i had to deal with my stupid visa. Ms.Bee was there to help me. God yesterday i toally forgot about dealing with the visa after the meeting! So, i felt really bad not telling her. So, my visa that the UN has extanded my visa to one more year…meani ng until july 20th 2007. Unfortunatly this has has been cancelled because, as you most of you know, my father had been transfered to Jakarta, Indonesia as the Director of UN information Centre. A dream come true for my father. So the UN over there, in Indonesia, wanted me to have a permanent resident there. So that will make me a so-called “Alien” person in Thailand. In anyways, i will be going to accompany my dad there. So, yeah. Its sucks that this precious visa has been cancelled. Darn it!!!!

Ok, now the fun part begins!!!

As the clock strucked to 6:00pm, everyone started to leave for the PARTY!!!! Yahoo. I was calling my mother when i saw kaywood and someone else, but wasn’t sure who. As i was walking pass him, someone just hit me on my arm. As i look up, there he was, Mr.Jeffery! I always knew that he will come back.36_1_21.gif Anywayz, told him histar.gifback and quickly went to get changed with my friends. Then Salisha was driving there at this Sussy thingy thingy. We were suppost to follow this awesome BMW then me and Salisha lost the way. I told her to turn on the right which is toward the sathorn bridge in which i didn’t know. I felt like swearing soo bad, but i hold myself. Salisha was pissed, and i understood. It was my fault, even though she tried to tell me that it wasn’t, it was. I didn’t realized that we where already on Sathorn! I lived on Sathorn when I first came to BKK in 1994. So i know the roads pretty well, but its been such a long time that haven’t been on that road that i haven’t reconized it ever since they put up that BTS! everything changed in this country. So, we had to make a U-turn, and the other side was traffic. I wasn’t supprised ’cause sathorn has always been a traffic place. Darn, why did the shcool choosed near Sathorn? Why not at LuangSuan rd or Lumpini or somewhere where is easy to reach!emot151.gif yeah Salisha was crazy when driving. we arrived around 7:30pm. One hour later. But at least we reached there with no problem! The place is sort of…um…small! Smaller then the one last time. Darn where are we going to dance? i love to dance 36_1_34.gif that is if i don’t fall down! 006f3c04d6160831c7d650425c0452e6.gifWe were supposed to dress in cowboy but i didn’t…i wanted to dress christmaseee..11dsa.gif^.^ Then i started to eat with Salisha, too bad Carol and Bonnie aren’t here to be there. Then i spoke to some few people and teaches, INCLUDING Mr.Jeffery. Now wait for this! I hope some of you are holding to something before you proceed reading! He came back and is doing some part time job, and guess where he is working! At The Village Education Centre36_1_251.gif!But wait, ain’t finished yet, he went to the CHRISTMAS PARTY yesterday! arrrrrggghhhh

Damn it! i SHOULD have gone to the party. It would be a GREAT surprise!emot101.gifNow i feel a lot more worse now! grrr…but actually i am very happy that my teacher is going there. They need an IT expert and he is the one! (In my opinion) The other ones sort of sucks. (Sorry) but thats the hard truth.  Anywayz, you should have seen me, my heart pumping happily. I mean it was a relief that Mr.Harshi (Principle of the school) has hired Mr.Jeffery.

You can come and see the school in this website : http://www.village-education.com/



Today is my friends birthday Mint.  Its been a while i haven’t seen her now.  I miss her. Sniff Sniff.  Happy Birthday Mint!!


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