Vista Launch

Yay, today Vista has been launch by Bill Gate. I wanna try! i HAVE to try…looks kewl!


With Windows Vista’s release finally upon us, it’s normal to wonder what Microsoft’s newest operating system actually has in store for the user.

What’s so great about it? What’s not so swell? And what are the new features that could possibly compel me to pay up to $400 to buy it? Well, whether you’re going to pay that kind of cash is a question I’ve dug into in another post, but if you really want the scoop on Vista’s most interesting features, well, read on.

  • Aero – Windows Aero (formerly/alternately known as Aero Glass) is the revamped version of the Windows GUI, a gussied up, prettified, 3D interface that’s supposed to make you oooh and aaah… provided you have the hardware to run it. If you don’t have a relatively recent 3D graphics card, you won’t be able to run the full version of Aero and your system will default to a 2D interface which, while pretty, is not nearly as gorgeous. You’ll also be able to drop “gadgets” onto your desktop: clocks, calculators, headlines, and the like.
  • Integrated Search – Windows XP’s dog slow built-in search is so pathetic it’s a joke, and not just because of the little yellow dog that’s there to “help you” find your files. Vista’s upgraded search includes thumbnails, real-time indexing, and other features of third-party search tools like Yahoo! Search.
  • Updated Graphics Engine – Microsoft frequently updates DirectX, the display drivers that power video games and other graphics tools. The new version for Vista, DirectX 10, is a big upgrade that fixes a number of issues (like letting you run 3D applications inside a window instead of full screen) that have long plagued the driver. Video games will get a host of new features, too, and many upcoming games will run best (with all their cool new effects) on Vista.
  • Security Upgrades – The jury’s out on how well Vista’s new file permissions/sharing system is going to work, and what normal users might think of the lockdown of Vista from a security standpoint. Simple tasks often require multiple confirmations (a lot like how Internet Explorer now requires your permission to download files), and the OS is more complicated because of this. However the increased level of security is probably a good thing and should help prevent spyware and virus infections, at least until hackers figure out how to get around the restrictions. Parental controls are also now integrated with the OS. So far, the news on this front is encouraging.
  • Updates for Laptops – As the world goes mobile, Windows is following suit. Laptops will get new power management options, and as external displays on the lids of notebooks start to appear, they’ll get more features, too. Called SideShow, this is one of Vista’s cooler new features, though hardware that uses SideShow may be a long time coming. (Here’s a sneak peek.)
  • Networking Upgrades – Wireless networking got a nice upgrade with Windows XP SP2, but Vista cleans it up even more. Newcomers to Wi-Fi should find it even easier to get online. Unfortunately file sharing between Vista and XP machines is difficult.
  • Internet Explorer 7 – New browser. You can check it out now (on XP) if you’re interested.
  • New Backup Utility – Windows’ integrated backup has been a joke for a decade. The new backup system might actually be something people will use.
  • New Mail/Calendar – Improvements to Outlook Express.
  • Integrated Spyware Killer – Also available for testing now.

Those are the big changes, but Vista of course offers tweaks in virtually every corner of the operating system. For more information (though biased), feel free to flip through Microsoft’s marketing materials for more pictures and details.

To see if your current PC can handle Vista, run Microsoft’s Vista Upgrade Advisor.

For some early thoughts on Vista, here’s some commentary.

Computer Freak!

Going back to BKK

Oh yeah, going back to BKK on Saturday 27th.  CAN’T WAIT!  though i do feel bad to leave my parents behind.  i am going to miss them too, but i miss my sister and my dog way to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anywayz, my flight is at 1:10pm and be arriving at 4:15pm.  Then i will be back to work again.  darn it! actually i miss studying! I have to go and pakc, oh actually i am done! nothing to pack much! ^.^ going to eat then sleep.


Crazy Deedee


Here are some few pictures that i haven’t uploaded for quite a while now.


Thats departing to Malaysia. My first time to see the new airport. When you go to the gates, it was very hot! I felt hot actually.


Yes this is the ONLY aircon doing the job. Doesn’t actually. As i was passing this thingy, there was music in it! I was so fascinated by it. It is very cold but when you are farther, its hot. Weird way of designing this.


I love to fly! Fly like an Eagle…! My sister hates to fly! I guess she is scared that the plane might crash, but she has never liked flying. I remember she vomited one time when we where going to France for the holiday. Ever since, she hated the airplane. I love it because you can see the whole world like you where in space! But one thing i hate is the toilet! I hate the noise it does when you flush it. When i was small, my dad took me to the toilet and when i flushed it, i shouted so bad that my father taught i fell in the toilet. I cried so much, and you should see my sister and my brother. They where laughing at me. Ever since, i tried NOT to use the toilet in the plane. But if i have to, i just blug my ears quickly!


So we have arrived at the NIKKO hotel around 6:00pm. We where really tired, so when we entred the hotel, the registration people has done EVERYTHING for us already. So we only had to go to the room! Now how great is that? Its FANTASTIC!!! Great service. When entering the room, i saw this tv and i was “ohhh ahhh!” my mom had to shush me because i was too loud, as usual. I mean i can’t help it. Never in the hotels they have a flat screen like that! Thats the living room by the way and i am sleeping in there! My parents sleep where the door is open as you can see! Their tv is ok but not that fantastic like MINE! mine i say!!!!!!! No one touches it! ^.^


And i am wearing these confortable sleepers. Just making myself at home! ^.^”


There was this big huge christmas tree at the entrance of NIKKO HOTEL. Isn’t it beautiful!!love0084.gif


This was for a wedding, thats the reason why i went to Malaysia. My cousin was the first to get married in the big family. My father was the whitness for my cousin.


These are the family!!! The one who is a captain is the one that is getting married and my dad who is the whitness for this.


This is the car that i have been driving in Malaysia. Its the Toyota Altis. I just fell in love with that car!!! yeah i know, i have gone crazy. Had to erase the plate number for the copy right of the company. ^.^”


This is my grandmothers house. She passed away 4 years ago, she was the only one left living on this earth . We never had a grandpa before. My father’s father, died of a heart attack when my father was only 10 yld. My mom’s side, well they divorced. Coming back to this place brings back a lot of memories. She was my favorite grandmother, because we used to laugh all the time. Making jokes, always taking care of me because i was the youngest. Just coming back there was emotional for me. Even now, and even wishing that she didn’t passed away so quickly!


Another view of my grandmother’s house.


The houses where my grandmother lived. At the end of the road, its where the park is and thats where my sister , my brother and I played when we where little. I really miss that place!


New Year is COMING!!!!!!!!! um…just ignore my dress pls! >.<“


1rst of January 2007!! Its our traditional, actualy my father’s traditional, that we eat Chinese food on the first day of the new year! Yummy.


I just had to take this picture! it was in the hotel right next to the christmas tree. I asked my dad if i could take it back home and he answer “And where are you going to put it? On your head?” My mom laughed so hard because the way my dad used the tone on it. Then my brother just hit me on my head! Ouch!


My cousin (Brother) of my father house. He is now in Australia and selling this house in KL. So he showed it to my parents first then me. I was dying to see because my mom kept on saying that it was AMAZING!


Behind the house. You can see the forest and the house combined together!


Um…is my mom doing ballet or pointing at the gate?! o.O”


The side of the house.



A nice view to sit and watch the birds from the forest.


The 1st entrance on the side of the house.


The huge garden. Where the black marble is, its a fountain.


The middle of the house. I don’t know why they pain it in yellow then in white! o.O


Ohhhh………the clouds are coming! This is the actually entrance. Oh and yea, thats my brother.


Isn’t this beautiful?!


There is three entrance. This is the second one.























To be Continued…









Rain or no Rain?

Today i feel much much better. I don’t feel too crappy. pc.gif So sitting near to my beloved laptop, in which i don’t leave out of my sight. Its suppose to rain here, but its not. I cooked for lunch a chicken curry. Everyone loved it! i didn’t realized it was THAT good! hmm…maybe i should do this often, though it DOES make you fat!funnyanimation22.gif i love that woman! anywayz, now i don’t seem to be able to come back to bkk for another week! Darn it! as all the flight to BKK is full! and now i am really getting worried about submitting my poster for the graduation! i really want to go now that i been going to all the meetings! i hate when things don’t go as planned! well, life is like a jungle!

Right now, my family has gone to sleep, its 2:37pm. I am not tired, no way hossay i am going to sleep…actually i think i should…nah i won’t…CHEEZZZ its freezing in here..brb…ok i am back! I can’t even stand that cold here especially when germs are traveling around you! yuk.

This morning, around 5:00a.m i was wide awake, then i was stretching my left leg and this awful paint of my muscle started to hurt me so bad! i taught it might be because i hit my leg on my right knees, but what a torture!! i was there, paralyzed by the pain, and i have never felt that pain in my whole life. Then it passed, so i doze off to sleep. Around 6:30a.m i stretch my right leg and it did the same painful muscle thing. This time i could hear some sort of muscle twisting, i couldn’t be too sure, because my mind was more into controlling the pain than anything else. This one was really bad, and again i was paralyzed until my leg stopped hurting! I had tears falling off my eyes, even tough i didn’t feel the water filling up. It was just horrible, then i was thinking, i might have ripped off a muscle just like ZIDANE! or maybe the muscle was unfolding itself…but HOW can a muscle unfold itself??? So when the pain was gone, i got up, walk toward the bathroom and I fell straight down. Not on the side or front or back, just straight down. I feel like i was praying, like the Muslim do. I looked down to figure out what just happened. Then i felt that my muscles wheren’t working properly, it was like they where numb or something. But i could feel my feet and the muscle ache was back but just a small pain. So i walked very slowly and i had my knees bend and i was acting like an old lady! What a day! my mom couldn’t tell what was wrong, but even now i feel a little bit of pain. I was really worried that i might have had a disease that paralyzed you or something!

So, that was the only thing that happend for the moment! I really miss my friends and teachers back in BKK. Oh and my DOG!!!36_1_4.gif oh and my SISTA! i feel bad leaving my sister alone at home…i can never trust her with my dog as she spoils him way to much! giving him food when he wants, she buys junk stuff and doesn’t look what she is buying and doesn’t look at the prices and just dumps it in the cart. Big sisters can sometimes be…annoying! but FUN!hug.gif



Still sick

2:03 pm Jakarta, Indonesia

Today still feeling sick. I am bored stiff…ate an egg sandwitch ’cause food is limited here. We live in some sort of apartment from Accord Hotel (Novotel) but in an apartment which is serviced. Its ok, but there is always something missing! My brother woke up at 6:00 in the morning, i woke up at 9:00 and this time i won’t die just because i woke up late. Ain’t my fault, because i am sick now, so thats ok. My dad is still at the hospital, and he is still not feeling well. What is wrong with this world. Why is this happening? i am thinking that it might be a sign, a very bad sign. I don’t know yet but i have this feeling that something is keeping us away from something. That is if you understand what i am saying. Now my head is turning like crazy, not surprised! But i really need to continue to do my homework. Oh man, i hate to do some much writing! it gives me a headache…i think i am going to sleep now, can’t stay awake that long.

(Due to my headache i am sorry to stop the story shortly.)

Sick on Holiday

 Yup, sick on holiday. My dad had the flu and passed it on to my mom and I.  Argh, i so hate to be sick, lol as if people love to get sick.  Though they do sometimes, ’cause they dont’ need to go to work.  hehe.  Anywayz, my eyes is burning me, so i can’t stay too long  and write a whole story like i usually do. Didn’t do much ’cause we where all weak accept my brother.  But you’ll see.  He will get sick too.  Hehehe.  Anywayz, i am going to bed now, feeling really weak, oh and that reminds me, i need to eat something, maybe a noodle, French cheese….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




Sorry i haven’t written for a very very long time . I usually write almost everyday ONLY when something is happening that is very interesting. So, as you all know, i am in Jakarta, i arrived on Thursday night. The plane was a little delayed but or else arrived nicely. It was my first time to visit Jakarta and of course, the only that comes out of my mouth is: “ooooohhh, ahhhh..” I was really amazed of everything and my mom always have to shush me. It was a 3 and a half hour flight, which i was so excited to be on the flight, but we had to seat in the middle of the plane! i hate that, i wanted window seat!doubt.png so i was totally bored and i was next to my brother and my mom. And the place was just…just…just horrible! arrrggghhhhh! anywayz, today went to Carrefour which was PACK! the people here are quite patiente but my god! they love to honk at you on the road, and its totally Chaos! i mean a real CHAOS. if you all want to know what is chaos all about, Jakarta is the right place to discover. The driver from UNIC picked us up with some few security around. Why you ask? well because my father is now the DIRECTOR of United Nation Information Centre, there wasn’t any boss in that UN at all, so my father is the first boss in Jakarta. So, right, he is his own boss. He loves it. So, i am just going crazy as usual about this”Disney Channel” I love it! Bangkok doesn’t even have that! that sucks! Anywayz, my favorite show on Disney Channel is on.

(To be continued)…hell_boy.png

Leaving for Jakarta

Today is my moms birthday! Today we are leaving for Jakarta, and had to wake up at 4:00 in the morning. My sister had to wake me up because i was to tired! slept around midnight because my father still has not finished his packing. He always does these things in the last minute. You will see, we will forget something! we always do! ^.^ Very tired now and um..going tp rest now,


Catherine Zetha-Jone

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