Dear all and not forgotten

Hey guys,

Yeah sorry i haven’t been putting up any updates like i promised but my gosh!  Bachelor Degree is as tough as me walking around the lake of the compound!!!  So yeah, next week is the last week of semester!  Can’t believe its already done…My first term, though there is a written test!36_33_131.gif  argh…i hate written test and memorizing art stuff, ain’t my thing!!  Well yeah sort of have to revise in which my mind will blow!!

Any who, its been really hot in Thailand.  Very humid and all.  But because i live in a high rise, I have loads of wind coming to me, oh yeah!!!!!!!  I have other loads of adventure that was going during my first semester, but right now i have to leave this one here.  Oh c’moooon, don’t cry!!!  i promise i will update more.  hell_boy.png  Well, i will have to revise my work.

Cheers mate.


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