Yup, i am on holiday for just a week. Sucks! I wanted to be at least 2-3 weeks! Now That would be sooo fun! Right now i am not doing much but sleeping and continuing my modeling in Maya! Accept that, i am just watching movie on Youtube, updating my journal and stuff!

For the moment, its been very very very hot. Its like being in the desert but less hot. I am planning to go and swim and do my 10 laps. But first i will have to take my dog outside again. I surely do need some excercise, ’cause i am realizing that i have put on weight! A womans nightmare!

Anywayz, sorry if i don’t have much to say, but nothing “special” has happened just yet. Hope there will be one soon before class starts again!


Garfield 0d0e4f10d36baf8154894cc65d57ee59.gif

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