Hey all,

Today my sister went for a birthday. She is looking all hot as usual! She bough these new contact lenses, which she chosed Honey. It just looks fabulous on her, more indian like! It was quite hard to put it on for her because it was a soft one. And she kept on blinking wish was irritating me alot. She was very afraid that this “harmless plastic round thingy with beautiful colors on it” goes on her eyes.

So i had to confront her that everything is going to be fine and this does not hurt at all. She didn’t know most of the rules about contact lenses. So i had to educated her, even though i never tried it myself. My family are quite amazed how much i am getting on with the informations even though i never or even talked to them about it. They all wonder how i get all these informations from. Its just a gift i have i guess.

Anywayz, now she has left the house! “YAHOO!” no i meant…”oh darn it! My sister is gone. Sniff sniff” Gosh she will surely KILL me if she founds out about this! argh!


Anywayz i took my dog outside dog_walk1.gif and as i look up into the sky, the moon was extremely bright! It was a full moon. Then i saw 19 shiny stars. only 3/19 where shining more then others. Sometimes i wonder, if we are alone in this Univers. If we weren’t, how is it that we still haven’t found each other? I just wish we had neighbors now. I am getting worried about the globle warming. Things are going much faster! Soon, before we know it, it will be too late to act, like real human being! I know in the future,we will die and new ones will rise again, and learn their mistakes. I wonder how we will turn up! Are we still going to have two arms, two legs, one heard, two eyes, one mouth, two ears, one nose, and some hairs?

Ok enough of Science for today. I will be heading for my sweet, nice, confortable, soft, bed.



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