Admitted to the Hospital

My dog has just checked in the hospital to stay for one night. I miss him dearly, and my dog didn’t want to leave. He had to go up the stairs to his room, but he didn’t want to go, so instead, he pulled the caretaker toward me. So, i had to drag him upstairs as he was confused to the unfamiliar place. As the caretaker took him to his room, i looked at him for the very last time before leaving. I was sad inside me. But i know i will see him the next day.

He had Heart worms and had his injections to kill the adults one + another injection for the muscle to extract for the first injection to take effect. The vet told us that the second injection will give him some pain, so they will give him an Anti-pain time to time.

As we went to Siam and did the chores, meaning buying stuff for my parents back in Indonesia ’cause my sister is leaving in two weeks, so she will have to bring a lot of stuff…again. We went to eat at an Indian restaurant, Timul Nadu. Fantastic food, and the owner knows my father, so we know each other. hehehe. In siam there was a protest going on, ’cause there where cameras everywhere!!! It was a protest against the governments. None of the people here likes the governments. My friend was suppose to meet me at MBK but she never turned up as she left very late, and my sister and I we where getting a little tired, so we left!

Going back, wasn’t too bad, we taught it was going to be heavy traffic but it wasn’t too bad. I was sooooo tired that i couldn’t even feel my legs!! As we where heading back to our sweet loving home, I saw this huge, enormouse, mammoth size dark cloud coming from the north, was actually making the day light into an ‘End of the world’ feeling. As we where going toward Carrefour, in a minute, it was total darness when it was only 7:00pm. And half of the sky was light, and half was dark. I told my sister: ‘This is the end of the world.’ And she said ‘Oh shut up!’ I felt that the dark side has come to take over the good side, making the night time early then usual. Arriving to Carrefour, to buy some more, only then it rained really bad. The wind started to kick in, making the barrier fall down, cones too where being pushed down. Then I could see the trees tilting on one side, as if the wind is pulling their hair! It was quite frightening.

As we arrived home, it was still raining like cats and dog and i told my sister: ‘How am i going to take the dog out in this rain…’ when i stopped dead, and realized that my dog was at the hospital! I looked at the window and taught about my dog. If he was in pain or not, if he is wondering if we abandoned him or not. If only they had these cameras in which i could keep an eye on him online. It does exist in America + Japan + China + Europe. Why not Thailand?!?!?! Anyways, i won’t start to complain ’cause i don’t have my spirit up yet.

Well thats all that happened so far, and my holiday is over…already! *big sight*


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My soul was caught in my projects for the past Three months now. Only on this day, i can feel my whole energy and my soul coming back into its proper place.

Maybe it sounds that it was a torture. Maybe its sounds of suffering. Its none of that, its just the assignments, and putting my whole life in that projects, that in the end, i almost lost myself, in the crazy world. I was scared that if i lose my soul, how was i going to get it back? Was i ever going to have it back? It sometimes reminds of the Magic world stories. If a person uses too much magic, they can either run out of energy or die. I was feeling like i was dying. Without a soul, you have no life. And having no life, how can you live? Being miserable and searching for your soul would be quite hard. Though a lot of stories says, ‘You need to have a deal with the Devil side. They are the only ones that collects miserable souls.’ If i have to deal with the Devils, it won’t be easy to ask “Please, would it be ok to have my soul back?’. As if they will take it softly. But thank goodness i didn’t had to go through that, just yet. But i know, someday, i will certainly lose my soul, along with my life, and join with the rest of others who has done the exact same mistakes as i did. Falling into the Devils trap.

So, for the moment, i am resting and recovering. I feel like pulling my tongue to the Devils, but i better not trigger his anger! Never predict a Devils anger!


It’s funny the way most people love the dead. Once you’re dead, you’re made for life.
Jimi Hendrix

For a while…

Dear Readers,

I am sorry that i haven’t written in my blog a while now. Doing the BA is very very hardworking and I hardly slept! I am totally exhausted, and just can’t wait for this friday to end the semester. One week of holiday doesn’t seem a lot, but could be worse. We could have only the weekend off and the following week we start a new term! lol…i wouldn’t dream for this to happen!

Anyways, last week i went to the vet, not for me but for my dog (of course). I drove there ’cause i wanted to be there early in the morning in which they open at 9am. I arrived around 8.30-ish. So walked around with my dog who is very happy to walk and mark his territory, but not running away from the clinic (Thanks fro that!) and walking about, exploring new stuff. Right next to the Clinic, there is a shop selling toilet! So, my dog was curious about these objects, and puts his head in the toilet boil (Don’t worry, its all new and nothing disgusting!) I was wondering what was so interesting in there, when i saw a bird stuck in there. I pulled my dog away and the bird was free and crying its head off. Probably scolding my dog. Then the clici was open and weigh him and he was only 30KG!!! which is really bad ’cause a German Shepherd his size has to be 35kg! 5k less. I guess the food isn’t fatty enough ’cause he is sort of thin for his size! But anywayz, i told the doctor to check anything, from liver to heart. For some reason, i was thinking about Sara, that told me that her dog takes heart worm tablet, in which i don’t igve him. Then i asked the vet if she could check about the heart worm on Akela! And he indeed has heart worm. Its not too serious, they are all adults worm, and some has already gone in his veins can lead to a heart attack. They haven’t laid any eggs yet, so thank god for that. So he is in intensive care with medicines i am giving! then in two weeks, he will get his 1rst shoot and stay in the hospital for a day, for observation in any effects, then he goes back home for one moth then goes back again and gets his two shots. The vet said that the two shots might be too much for him, so we will take it step by step! My poooooooooooor doggy! I can’t believe he has heart worm! How did this happen! But its all dogs and cats that has these condition, its a natural thing, not a virus or anything! But at least right now, he is under medical care and i am keep a close watch of his health in case something happens to him during the night! That reminds me, maybe i should go and buy these night cameras….accept i migth not able to record when he tries to sneak to his biscuit that he loves soooooooo much!

The semester is almost done…so i better get going with my work!



German Shepherd Girl!\

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Can dogs understand English?!

Here’s an article i found in Yahoo!Pets



As acute as a dog’s hearing is, we ought to give them a little more credit for understanding our language. We know we can teach our dogs verbal commands, but many dogs learn to understand words we haven’t purposely taught them. We may find ourselves saying, “Let’s go for a walk” as we pick up the leash. The dog first associates the leash with the promise of going for a walk. He may also pick up on the word “walk” without his owner making a move toward the door or picking up the leash.

A delightful mutt named Midnight was very tuned into when his family was about to go on a trip to Arkansas to visit grandparents. This was the most exciting event in the world to Midnight because it meant a long car ride and upon arrival, a huge pasture to run in, and cows to boss around (he felt he must protect the family from those giant beasts.)

Midnight would know that a trip to Arkansas was eminent the day before when suitcases were being packed, and would get very anxious. When bags were taken to the car before dawn, he would go insane barking and jumping at the front door. His family attempted to pack in secret, but he was smarter than that. He started picking up on plans for a trip just through the family’s conversation about it. The words “trip” or “Arkansas” would set him off. The kids were told not say those words around the dog.

On one such trip, he actually got out the door while the family was loading up and went straight to the car, sat in his designated spot and didn’t make a sound. The humans felt really stupid. After that, each trip started with saying to Midnight, “Want to go to Arkansas?” and letting him out to the car. Midnight would sit, quiet and content, while the family packed the car in peace.

Astute owners who notice their dog’s linguistic talent have tried to develop it further by teaching words rather than commands. Some dogs are able to find their ball when the owner says, “Where’s your ball?” Some dogs appear to have an extensive vocabulary and can follow detailed directions like, “go to my desk and bring me my pen.” While this ability astounds dog owners, and anyone watching, scientists have tested dogs who show such prowess, and the findings are less or more impressive, depending upon how you look at it.

Dogs can learn many words, without a doubt, especially names of objects or commands. But to follow more complex directions, dogs rely on other skills. According to Stanley Coren in How to Speak Dog, a dog will listen to your words, and watch your subtle, even subconscious body language, and then add his most reasonable guess to figure out what you want him to do.

In the above command, for example, the dog may know what a pen is because his owner taught him that word-object association. The person giving the direction made a subconscious glance in the direction of the desk, which told the dog which way to go. Most dogs are masters at reading body language. The dog goes to the desk and sees the pen. The most reasonable and obvious thing for a good, well-trained dog to do with an object, is to retrieve it. This creates a very convincing illusion that the dog understood English well enough to follow a complex command.

In How to Speak Dog, to test the theory that dogs rely more on our body language than words, a dog was told to go to one place, but the person speaking glanced in a different direction. The dog always went to where the person was looking.

Dogs may never have a complete command of our spoken language, but their ability and interest in listening to our words and observing our body language in order to do what we ask of them, to ultimately please us, is really truly impressive.

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Hey all,

So i went to watch Shrek3 with Sarah (Salisha) on Saturday night. We were suppose to see it around 8.10 but unfortunately we could only see it at 9.20pm in which it was going to be very late. Oh and we saw it at The Mall, Nangwongwan. The movie is fine, but there is something missing in this one! The first and second is fine but then the third one….something…is…missing!!!  Very very disappointed from dream work!!!  Oh well, at least they the first and second are fine!!!!!!



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