Face the real world

Its been a while i haven’t written anything on my blog. Been bored STIFF with life. Its like, someone is replaying it over and over again.

Then it got me thinking, what if its like “The island” movie? What if we think that we live in a real world, but actually this is just been planned! I mean yeah…people has been traveling to space, but that might be planned too! i just feel, that this is not the meaning of “life”. To have rules and restriction of everything! its too strict and in the end, there is no freedom to do anything! When i dropped off my sister at the airport, i saw the airplane, might have been AirFrance airline, landing. And I was just looking at it very carefully, and for just a deco-second, i really taught i saw it through it!! It was like as if it was invisible and then it reappeared again!!All this not even a second! I turned to my sister and opened my mouth to tell her, but no word came out! I shut my mouth and tried to remember what i just saw. Could this be true? Are we living in a virtual world? Is all this a game or a re-make of life? If i tell me sister, she might think i have gone a little crazy. Yeah…but thats my middle name! 😛

I shook my head and continued driving until i dropped off my sister. She was in a extremely bad mood as the people at the hotel did not prepare her three important visa for her to give at the Thai embassy in Malaysia! And now i made it worse by losing the key of the luggage! I felt really bad as i made her day ever worse! argh.

So when i drove back, (oh and this was around 6:50pm Asia time) i kept on thinking where did i put that key! it was soooo tiny that it might have slipped off my sweaty hand. Oh i hate this sooooooo much! when taking responsibility of something and you lose it, it feels extremely bad! I was feeling really down. Anyways, when i was driving back home, I was thinking way too much about the key situation that i tried to retrace my steps. So i could see myself walking in the car park and trying to remember how did i lose it. Trying to retrace my step, i remembered every single car and brand, and our car parked all the way at the end! As i got near, i opened the door and remembered that my sister left something on her luggage and wanted me to put it inside her toilet bag! So i did, and then remembering the lock, i have put the key in my phone bag. Later on, on the way to the airport, i told my sister that i put it in my phone bag and she didn’t find it! My heart skipped a beat, so i retrace my step over again…and again…and again.

Then suddenly a hug noise came behind me and i was actually on the road driving?! i realized that i was sliding toward the fast lane (to the right side) and i took the stirring wheel and stirred it violently toward the left middle lane and tried to gain controlled again. I was in shock. In a terrible shock. I was in a illusion! This whole retracing steps…it was an illusion! i didn’t feel that i was on the road…! o.O….sometime, with the problem i have…i scare myself a lot. I quickly put my two arrow lights and slowed down toward the slower lane (left side). Thank god there weren’t any cars around on the highway. But i could see, in my middle mirror, that the car might have seen what happened, ’cause he started to slow down and was getting farther behind me! I felt really bad. I stopped quickly and tried to catch my breath! I didn’t have any music on…maybe thats why i was in an illusions. This has never happened to me before! I hope it won’t ever again! I’ve got to get over it! So…i decided to put either Punk/Heavy mental/ or anything to make me snap out of it!

When i arrived home, i took my dog out! Oh i miss him sooo much, and he started to lick me everywhere, wagging his tail like a maniac, as if he hasn’t seen me for years! ^.^ At least there is someone waiting for me at home! It was very cold in the night. At least 18 degrees. Its winter here in bangkok. We are getting the winter + the wind from China. I’m sure going to miss Thailand ONLY for this good weather 😛

Anyways, after walking my dog, i called my friend of what happened. She was shocked too! I needed to tell someone about it. I can’t stand not to tell what happened! And i am not too good in keeping it for myself…i am not that greedy! 😛

Well, All this is in the past, and now i need to live the present in order to survive the future. ^.^




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