Why is it that all cute guys are gay? Why are all good men become gay? sniff sniff…all the great and handsome guys are taken! T^T There are only nerdy guys left for girls. How is it that we girls, deserve this treatment? mmmmmm……..why don’t i go and ask GOD! ^.^

I love gay stories. I dunno why, but i love to read gay comics + books + a story about them. lol….i am a gay addic even though i am not myself (ain’t a transsexual either!). Its just that, they are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! But also, whenever you think about love, and i see two guys together, there is a strong bond and true love in there. Nowdays, non-gays guys thinks everything is gay. movie series are gay, riding a bike with other guys is gay. Playing certain games is gay. Wearing certain clothes is gay…i mean…thats sooo unmanly of them to say that!!!!!!

I love parts that are extreme exotic. I am a person that love bodies. Its my passion, as when i see a body, i see a piece of art. Thats why i collect body pictures in Deviantart. Because the positions is in such a beautiful way that you see it in a whole different way. Its a beautiful living thing we got!


People who don’t like exotic look, then thats your choice! No one is forcing you to look at a naked body if you don’t feel comfortable. But at least, don’t get the wrong picture that the body is a tool (For instance – Porno’s)…’cause its not!

Think about it!



News, News, News

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So yeah, i am BACK to writing! Sorry if i haven’t been very much of an entertainment at the moment but been busy with work as usual! What else is new?! Anyways, at the moment i am currently volunteering at a SoiCat&Dog rescue (SCAD) Here in thailand. At least i am doing what i love to do most, help animals (stray) to get a better home! Soooo, its GREAT so be helping and whenever i come back home, i just can’t wait to go back again!

oh and also can’t wait for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

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