Why is it that all cute guys are gay? Why are all good men become gay? sniff sniff…all the great and handsome guys are taken! T^T There are only nerdy guys left for girls. How is it that we girls, deserve this treatment? mmmmmm……..why don’t i go and ask GOD! ^.^

I love gay stories. I dunno why, but i love to read gay comics + books + a story about them. lol….i am a gay addic even though i am not myself (ain’t a transsexual either!). Its just that, they are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! But also, whenever you think about love, and i see two guys together, there is a strong bond and true love in there. Nowdays, non-gays guys thinks everything is gay. movie series are gay, riding a bike with other guys is gay. Playing certain games is gay. Wearing certain clothes is gay…i mean…thats sooo unmanly of them to say that!!!!!!

I love parts that are extreme exotic. I am a person that love bodies. Its my passion, as when i see a body, i see a piece of art. Thats why i collect body pictures in Deviantart. Because the positions is in such a beautiful way that you see it in a whole different way. Its a beautiful living thing we got!


People who don’t like exotic look, then thats your choice! No one is forcing you to look at a naked body if you don’t feel comfortable. But at least, don’t get the wrong picture that the body is a tool (For instance – Porno’s)…’cause its not!

Think about it!



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  1. *cries* hehe yea, why do they all turn gay? not that thats a bad thing it just… us girls want those guys too hehe. Let Dai is a personal fav yaoi manga of recent. Very very good. Yeah haha I coulda written this, thats how much I agree with what your saying

  2. hehehehehe…. yeah! me my self also agree for that! I am wondering why almost all handsome men become gays…. maybe they didn’t find satisfaction to opposite sex…. Nor they already experience to be intersect with same sex which makes them what they are…. hehehehe…. We don’t know!!!!

    1. Ladies! It’s not personal, I myself, am a homosexual, but I love women. I have had relationships with women, and even tried the sex. But there is just a different type of passion between two men. It’s not better than with a woman, but it’s different. It’s not supposed to be ok for everybody, but it works for some of us. My suggestion? Go find yourself a bi guy. It’s like dating a gay man, but with more sex!

      1. lol right on Jason. thank you for your suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚ Other peoples opinion and experience are welcome here ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks for sharing this. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. know what i think…all guys and i mean all…that includes God, jesus, joseph, moses, noah, adam and steve…not adam and eve…you know all guys should, and should’ve been gay…i mean its the only way to go…girls are just too bitchy for us…i mean take god and mother earth…why you think they are so far away from each other…kidding…i love you too God…but yah thats just what i think…holler at your boy…peace.

  4. I dont believe in god nor devil so I laugh at people who shove that sinful crap down my throat. As a gay I love my boyfriend though we still in highschool. A world full of gay guys would suck though.

  5. i know i know. its soo sad. T_T but those pics were hot…*drools*…oh oh. and another thing. this gay guy is in my class and he is sooo hot. but i cant touch ettt!!! *cries in corner*

    1. lol your such an emo. and of course you can touch them. xP as long as they let you ๐Ÿ™‚ its fun to be with gay guys. ๐Ÿ˜€ well I did go to a design school so ALOT of gays around there but not once i’ve seen them different. instead they are a lot of fun to be with. just when i’m falling in love i find out he is gay… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but I don’t mind as long as i still hang out with them and admire. rawr

  6. i totaly agree me myself am bi so yah i like the i con about the bed room thing lol i totaly love gay ppl as a mater of fact i got a gf so yah lol

  7. i myself have a boyfriend and he and i both love this sight and think you guys are awesome. we live in the middle of no where and are the first gay couple at our school. if i were to see any of you guys and girls i would hug you because to know there are people out there like this……well it makes me fell so happy. oh and we both love most all yaoi, and so on
    thanks for being so rad

    1. You’re awesome, Alex… seriously… Now.. I adore you, even though I don’t know you… XD……. yaoi is my entertainment… I respect gays, and.. I LOVE ‘EM… Ok, enjoy your gay life, congrats! โ™ฅ

  8. Yeah, gays are completely adorable!! I love to read gay-stories too… and same here, I am not gay myself, but I adore them.. my favourite trans match is Zack X Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.. sooo much, I am ALWAYS writing fan-fics on them.. the one I’m currently writing is “dirt-ay” …. my others have never involved stripping (well, in that part, [if you know ff7]… Reno chains Cloud to a wall, and strips him)………oh well… it’s an addiction!! XD…

    Kewl pics…

    Yay for Gays! โ™ฅ (I actually have a gay friend, so I can talk about it whenever)

  9. Fiyer? Yeah… I SERIOUSLY liked him when I found out he was gay… XD…. I look at him in a different way now.. I mean, I heard of him, saw some music vids, and I’m like “Yeah, I guess he’s good looking, just another singer..” but then… I found out he was trans, and I’m like, “HOLLY S***!!! HE’S A HOMOSEXUAL?!?! I LOVE YOU KNOW!!!!!!!” ……… It’s a passion…

    I’ll visit HERE everyday, as long as we can talk about gays!

      1. everytime i see gays couple kissing i get that ‘aww, isn’t the world a lovely place’ feeling..its like all the flowers suddenly bloom, you can hear the birds singing etc. Hahahaha. I’m straight, tho. And obviously not homophobic.

  10. aww! im kinda a little bit on the gay side, and i alot of my guyfriends are quite the cuties. >o< But! there are still some straight guys out there who arent complete arrogant arses, arent there?

    Sorry were taking your good looking males D:

    But gay guys are cute, and yaoi is just adorable..


  11. I like guys with glasses and messy hair with bit of stubble.
    Serious, mature, creative/artistic or who’s sarcastic
    – a man with few words. You know, the manly man…
    I hate it too when guys are like everything is gay but I
    hate gays who looks like women too.
    Not all gays are like that of course. I know a guy who’s
    a closet homo and around… 19-20 years old?
    He’s really normal, he read mens magazines even thought
    he was not interested in women. I thought it was really weird…
    I thought all the gays acted like girls but I was wrong…
    I hope ppl will see different side of gays and accept them
    the way they are.. I haven’t yet.

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