Noel + New Year

Just wanted to say happy new year to you all! My parents came down for christmas and New year. It was great to have them again in the house. But it was strange to have the whole family back here…everyone is on top of each other. Anyways, i still haven’t adjusted of he house being full + the fridge! The place is very christmasy as we are Christians! So we take this christmas pretty serious! We love christmas and all the decorations!

I think christmas a beautiful thing to celebrate! It brings joy to the world, to the family, among each other, friends, cousins, long lost friends.

Christmas makes me very happy! To celebrate with friends, family. What more would you want? Its just a joyful thing to have in life…but sometimes…i wonder…about other people out there…who doesn’t know how important it is to be with families! Or they don’t have….

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2008!

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