Lonely…Time and Time again

Life has been difficult for me. Because I am moving back to my own home country, leaving my childhood memory will be…hard to let it go. How can I live in such a condition like that?! For some reason, i have difficulty to cope with that. Can’t remember much anymore. How life can be so cruel like that.

Dream One:
Running toward the cupboard. I could only find clothes of the same thing. They where all the same. Nothing has changed and nothing is new. It was all the same. I turned around and see that everything is neat in my room.
“Eh” I said, wondering where i was. It wasn’t the place i live. Even though the places of the stuffs are correct, the view outside wasn’t.
“Its snowing?!” I said out loud. I went running toward the window and it was indeed snowing. “How can it snow in Bangkok?! Since when?!”
“Since you left us” I turned around and saw my friend, Gail.
“Left you?” I said looking around me. She wasn’t alone. There was someone else with her. It was Thomas, a long lost friend i knew a long time ago.
“Yes, you left us thinking that everything you did for us, was a lie” Thomas said. I was shocked, i could feel my heart was racing.
“What do you mean?” I looked around and i could see blood flowing down from my room. I looked outside and it was snowing heavily and was pilling quickly.
“I don’t want to have anything to do with you” Gail looked at me like i have ever seen before. She was very angry and she had smoke coming out of her ears. She was a devil along with Thomas.
“I don’t know what you are talking about!” I cried my head off and dropped on my knees and buried my face between them.
“We are here to give you hell” Thomas said, approaching me with his huge fork which was on fire.
“Why? What did I do?” I saw the window was cover in snow. We where buried.
“Because your parents has told us it will teach you a lesson to do such things to your friends.” Thomas said.
“My parents?!” I was very confused, but Gail did not leave her eyes off mine.
“You parents agreed to a deal. In order for them to survive, we needed to kill. So they picked you.” Gail said pointing her fork toward me. I could feel it was burning hot.
“Farewell, we shall meet in hell then.” Thomas and Gail raised their fork and …….
I suddenly woke up with my heart racing. What the heck was that dream about?!

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