`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._While Your Lips Are Still Red

Stars: 18 – 1 = 17. One shined but disappeared as i looked up into the sky. I was hopping to see a shooting star as i did previously last year. But unfortunatly, i have not seen any.

Moon: Half and shining more then her children.


So, today we had a lunch party. As usual, my dog had to go crazy and barks at people, oh well, can’t do much with these dogs. But still love him madly. It was quite good and fun…i think. Most of my friends are out of town because of Songkran.

3:30 pm — After the lunch, something hit me by emotions. I all a sudden wanted to cry and cry and run away from this whole thing. I have always wanted to live in a countryside and/or a desert place in which no one is involve accept yourself.

air, air…i need air.

As i stormed out of the place, i looked into the horizon. It wasn’t such a nice day at all. No sun could shine through the thick clouds, it makes the day such a gloomy and bad hair day sort of feeling.

scream…just scream until you do not have anymore to scream about.

What the heck is going on?! Why was i feeling like crying and there was no reason. This is ridiculous.

Its not ridiculous you idiot! You know something is missing don’t you?

Ooookayyy, now i am sure i have gone crazy ’cause now my mind is talking to me….

i ain’t no mind! i am your conscious voice talking to you.

Oh shut up! Let me think will ya!…what is missing?

isn’t it going to be Songkran soon?

Yes. Whats your point?

You do not have any friends to hang out with…


Don’t you remember? They are all gone out of town. One is in HongKong and one is not even talking to you, after what you did to her, you probably deserve this treatement…

Get off!

Hey, at least face the truth dude. You can’t hide forever. Soon or later, you will be left alone once again and have to start from scratch…

At that point, i ran toward my room. My parents probably taught what the heck has happened to me. i just stayed hours and hours in my room. My eyes where watery. I tried to wipe them off…

But it keeps on coming back. The damage is already done…

Will you quit that! OMG…people might think that i have gone crazy talking to my own mind…or maybe insane, either way…its not coming from earth. This is crazy…how i ended up not doing anything on Songkran?! I usually go out and have fun, get all wet with cold water and just being in the culture…but somehow this year…it won’t be the same…But its true, i somehow feel…empty. There is nothing left for me here in Thailand. I am in such a mess that the only way to clean up is to leave the country.

Now you understand. Took you a while eh…

Then this guy name Chris, a very long old friend started talking with me in msn. At least i had other friends in other countries that are willing to talk with me…

Even though he is far away to reach, he is always online…

oi! thats non of your business so get off in there. Anyways, ignore that. So yea, he send me some few really really really kewl music in which i will be posting in this blog from youtube. Its from the Nightwish a heavy mental band. Chris sent me a song in which he just…brightened my day. Just this song, made me feel so much better and happy. The lyrics are so…gentle and so…carefully used. Its so amazing how Nightwish can use the words so…beautifully. It got me crying with happiness. Its just like a miracle and now i can’t stop listening to this music which is a good thing, as it gets my mood meter up and up toward the good side.

So that is all for now. Please, enjoy the music and would very much say thanks to Chris to have made me listen to this music and to have brightened my day…

Sweet little words made for silence
Not talk
Young heart for love
Not heartache
Dark hair for catching the wind
Not to veil the sight of a cold world

Kiss, while your lips are still red
While he’s still silent
Rest, while bosom is still untouched, unveiled
Hold another hand
While the hand’s still without a tool
Drown into eyes, while they’re still blind
Love, while the night still hides
The withering dawn

First day of love never comes back
A passionate hour’s never a wasted one
The violin, the poet’s hand,
Every thawing heart plays your theme with care

Immigration + Other ….

So…before i begin my adventure, just wanted to say, that really really sorry for not writing at all! I am such a…lazy person. .

Anyways, to start my adventure, I went to the Thai immigration which is on SuanPlu, Bangkok Thailand. I needed to extend my Stoodent Visa for a year which cost 1,900B!!! So its very very expensive for foreigners which doesn’t win that much money! T.T ….. Its a miserable place sometimes!!! XD (X = the eyes squishing together, D = the mouth laughting…just turn your head to the left 3 o’clock!!) oh well… I will be soon be going to Malaysia. Gets me sad though to leave my childhood memory behind! sniff sniff. Oh well, nothing is perfect in life…perfect…mmm…a strange word to be using.

So, I had a view problem with my computa…actually my laptop. The CD-DRIVE is erm…not working properly. It keeps on spinning…then stop…spins…stops and so on. How annoying is that?! espacially when burning stuff out! It goes well then when it has 5:00 – 10:00 minutes to burn, it just…STOPS!!!
How frustrating is that?!?! i mean it takes at least 20:00 mins in all…but waiting for it to burn everything and you end up not having a finished disk.

Oh well, as i said, nothing is perfect… I hate using that word!!! >.< Perfect…bah…gives me goosebumps…that reminds me…maybe i should make myself some bloody mary drink..no wait…maybe JimBeam is better…wait wait wait…let me think. *Thinking*…*still Thinking* oh well…i’ll find something…

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