Moving Out


For the moment, i’m packing to go to malaysia. It will be a huge change for me going to malaysia. It will be a hard life but starting a new life there too, ’cause i just lost everything in Thailand. There is no reason for me to stay there. I was left out, as usual. What else is new? Its always the same thing everytime. But for the moment, i just need to focus on things that needs to be done, like…making sure there are some chocolates inside my bag to remind me of certain friends for the last time before i leave. Only one friend will be able to see me go. I had wish at least three friends, but it came down too 1. Its a lot of losse too but there is nothing i can do now. Their mind has made up about me. A untruth worthy friend that is not worth hanging out with and/or see me go away. I don’t mean anything to them, after what i have done for them, cared, shared. all i had left was tears rolling down from my face. Tears of betrayal which my heart aches everytime it beats. I have lived this many times, and yet i am still here. Why do i keep on living? Why can’t i end there? I guess ending everything is easy then just keep going. I hope for all the best to my friends as the last words i want to reach out too. Those painful words that you’ve all said to me, probably will stay with me for a while until i have learned my lessons. I’ll probably don’t deserve anyone anymore in the future. Nothing in common and never will. *sigh* those will be my last goodbye to you all, as i will pass away soon and I won’t even exist anymore, in your world…

Adieu mes amis.



Tap, Tap, Bang… o.O

Stars: 3

Moon: Quarter.

uch!” Before I realized what hit me, it was my dog. -.-” My dog is always in the middle of where I walk the most. I guess he wants to be stepped on it like a carpet. As i walked, zoinked out of my bed, i realized it was still dark outside. Thinking it was around 5 am Bangkok Time, I was wrong. It was 1 am.

“Oh Gawd!!” So I dragged my whole body up and hurry quickly to the toilet. Why did i need to go to the toilet so much all of a sudden?! Oh right, i drank too much liquid yesterday night. Dang it! I should have not.

As i finished, i walked back in to my room, but i quickly stopped. I know there is something…furry…in there…waiting to trip me…again. You guess it right…my dog! Whenever I am up in the middle of the night and i go out of my room and come back after 1 minutes, my dog always has to be near to the door where I surely will trip! I have a feeling that my dog is getting much more smarter while he is getting much much older. Strange canine they are sometimes.

So i went to check if he was around in my room or even moved anywhere. I didn’t bother to switch on the lights. I surely will be blind and probably see spots before my eyes. Anyways, so i struggle to drag my body to the bed…ZzZzZzZz. Then came the alarm, 6 am.

“Let me sleep will ya!” I shut off my phone and went to sleep. It seems a second when i woke up. I was still tired but when i looked up to see the time…it was…it…its….

“9 AM!!!!! OH F!!!!!! no way nooooooooo way!” I got up quickly, though my head was spinning violently. I dragged my dog out of my room and quickly ate my tiny breakfast. My head is going through one of those, “bad hair days” type of thing.

Why didn’t mom wake me up! she knows I hate to wake up so late! My day is ruined! Then I started hitting the spoon on my forehead. I haven’t realized until my mom interrupted me.

“What are you doing?” She says walking up the stairs and stairing at me strangely.

“Oh nothing…i think” I mumbled. I was pretty angry with the world. Why does time has to be so…quick. Why can’t we go slower?! Why does everything has to be in a rush. I hate it when I have to rush suddenly. I like to take my time, for instance…eating. I’m always the last person at the table to finish. Always have been though. The reason? Well…

Remembering to always enjoy every bite and shewing you have in your mouth because you will never know when you will ever get that same taste again. – From my father. He told us this when we where in Nairobi, Kenya. I was probably 5yld and i still remembered!!!

So from then, i have been such a slow person, but that didn’t bother me ’cause i didn’t care much of what other people said about me being slow. I let them talk, but I’ll never let them make me change my mind. They have no idea how precious this lesson was and I DO enjoy every meal and every bite i take that i never felt…regretting. It always made me to move “Forward” in life.  So, i layed there waiting for something to happened when i felt something was sniffing near to my face.

  “AAAAHHHH!” i woke up suddenly when i realized it was my dog sniffing at me.  –.–”

  “Whats going on up there?!” My mom yelled from downstairs.

  “Oh nothing, Akela just scared me!” I petted my dog and took him out.  As usually, he was pulling hard ’cause i was too slow for him. 



  I looked behind me and thinking what was that noise.  I was watching my usual favorite channel, CARTOON! 😀


  I looked behind again and what was doing that sort of noise every time.  As i turned around…


  “Amelia! Stop banging the windows!!!” I stay astonished that i was to blame with that mysterious tap thingy. 

  “But i didn’t do anything!!! its the windows that are making noises!!!” I bet she whispered something like ‘Yeah whatever’ and just walked away.  Why am I the one to blame for everything?!?!? Cheeze, so I went to investigate.  I walked outside on the balcony and waited for that sound to come.  Waiting…still waiting…after 15 minutes i saw something coming toward me.  I taught it was a small bird when i suddenly realized it was a pigeon coming toward me.  I quickly tucked down, unfortunatly it hit me and gave me some few slaps here and there with its wings.  Thanks for THAT!!!!!!  Don’t ask why birds are suddenly going toward the windows instead of the sky.  It has been happening for months and still they are going toward the windows.  Could it be…”The Happening?” Just to think about me the goosebumps!!! 

I’ll investigate more…Adios amigos!!!!!! 😀 

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