Jealousy…Give me a break!

Well sorry I haven’t updated my blog lately. I kinda had a tiny personal problem and friend problem.

To begin with, I fought with one of my friend (a guy) well didn’t fight just tried to reason with him about his gf nagging at me and stabbing my back every time I do something. 4days ago it came to a point that it has become unbearable for me to handle because of her stupid jealousy. Because me and him we are pretty much close friends. Known each other for 3 years and been friends all those times. Nothing more, nothing less. Until this girl came into his life. They dated and she went to visit him at his country for 3 months. Ok that is fine, but somehow something went wrong…she started asking all sort of question about me and him. I don’t know she suddenly got So concerned about me and thinking that I was dating him…

Any who I explained her that we where just friends. Things started to put pressure on me and him and prevent him from talking with me on msn while she was around. Well that i pretty much understand and I respected their space and did my own things. Then things started to calm down , no complains or jealousy and me and him started to talk again on msn. We talk like all friends would, being all silly messing around and talk about things we have in common.

4days ago, suddenly out of the blue, he deletes me from facebook. Ok i was wondering what did i do. of course its AGAIN his gf being jealous about me of two little stupid things i wrote on his wall.

1. Me and a friend wrote something on his wall which was quiet hilarious. It was on the 26th Feb 2010. I said “Once upon a time…” and this friend continued the story which was really funny. Then I continued too. Can’t this woman have some little humor? and it doesn’t even concerned her! And for goodness sake i’m not friend with his gf but YET she is still jealous of me for what?!?!? o.O For some little humor?!

2. About a picture which i drew a heart and tagged him. If she looked better, it was a picture of “friendship” but since she is ‘insecure’ she took this picture personally and thinks that i’m being mean to her. For Gawd Sake!!! It doesn’t concerned her AGAIN. She just nose into his business and trying to find a reason to break our friendship.

If you look carefully, look at the date i posted it and tagged. Nov 2009. Do you know what day and YEAR we are in NOW?!?!?!?!?!? and she brings this up NOW?! and if she looked carefully, it wasn’t ONLY to him! jeeeesuz!!

Ever since she dated him, she has never been nice to me and the problem is, she is not showing her real self with him. Only when he turns his back at her, she starts harassing me. I did tell him, but then I know too well I’ll be the villan…

A while back there was some volcanic trouble at the Icelandic area. Even though i’m not friend with her (my friends gf), i was being polite to ask her how she was and if the situation was really that bad. She replied nicely so i taught ‘Oh she calmed herself’. God knows that i was completely wrong. She started telling me things that i shouldn’t even know or want to know. Then I did remember she mentioned about going for trips maybe to the UK and california then going to visit him. So i said ok thats very nice and all. But something tells me that she was still not feeling secure since she blurs me information that I didn’t even asked o.O So i left the conversation very quickly.

So now, it has come to a point that I, in the end was the villan. That i made him unhappy and its the reason why she is leaving him for the UK for couple of months. I tried telling him she has planned that before. She just trying to give an excuse to leave him. Maybe she does have someone else at the UK that she is doing behind his back. But he wouldn’t hear of me at all.

She got sooo unconfortable about that picture and the humor wall i wrote, that she gave a reason as to why she is leaving for UK for 3-4months and not to see him… I was confused about everything. Nothing made sense, but unfortunately it came to a really bad time. because he just lost his friend at a car accident and she isn’t even around to comfort him. I didn’t know what to do or what to say anymore. I felt he was completely poisoned by her charm that he isn’t seeing what she is doing. Evicting every girl he was friend with. Even on facebook…

Anywho, pretty much now I’m just done with this whole thing. Since i’m seen only as a villan and she has always wanted our friendship broken up (has she told me plainly) that there isn’t much to do but to leave.

I really don’t understand girls like these. She is the one seeing him, dating him talking with him. What more does she wants? What is it that she feel so insecure about me being friends with him?

She knows that i like him. Yes I do, that is why we are friends for 3 years. Your not exactly going to be friends with someone that you actually hate o.O …

Anyways so thats that. I haven’t slept well at all. My stress levels are gotten so high, since I last spoke with him. He has done so much for me and I have done so much for him in returned that we became close. I don’t know why that was wrong for her to see that. I always kept him private since he is such a good friend. But now I had enough. He will have to open his own two eyes.

I had lack of sleep, hungry in the middle of the night even though i ate a lot at 7pm. I lost weight… everything is just upside down…

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