20 Unfortunate Puppies…

On the 26th of February, one of the vet arrived at the SPCA shelter around 7:30 a.m. to see a rather terrible spectacle. One of the vets there had found three buckets -full of water.

3 Bucket

The vet knew too well what it was all about, as this scenario has already happened many times.To most of the staff’s horror, however, they saw that those buckets contained not only water, but…quite a number of puppies! They were almost under water –the staff remained speechless & shocked, not knowing what to think!The vet said to one of the colleagues: “This is what we mean when we say that we receive puppies in buckets. In this scenario, the people must have left the three buckets in front of the gate in the middle of the night when it was raining. Only in the morning, when I arrived, I saw all of those puppies stacked on top of each other. The smallest puppies were at the bottom, the oldest were at the top. In those three buckets, there were almost 20 puppies. Those that were at the bottom, drowned immediately. Those that we took out quickly and put them in one cage were in a state of shock and shivering.’ said the vet.


“The rest that are in the buckets have already died or are on the way.”

“Putting down animals especially puppies is extremely heart breaking for us.” She continues. “We are the ones that have to see all those puppies die right in front of our eyes. We wish we had a choice, but in such cases as these, we have absolutely no choice at all, but to euthanize them.” The vet walked away with guilt and disgust, having no further things to say. Some of the staff were almost in tears and shocked. Twenty puppies in three buckets!? Hard to believe such a thing! How can people be so heartless or not even think of what could happen to those puppies during the night? It was unforgivable to let so many puppies end their lives in such a manner, by drowning! Out of all of those twenty puppies, only three survived. Those that were in the cage were too traumatized and infected by the dirty water, so they had to be humanly euthanized to end their suffering.

The three surviving puppies were right at the top, so they were less traumatized and shocked and not touched by the dirty water.

The work of the staff at the SPCA shelter can be so difficult & heart-rending, when such events as this one, happen!It has shocked us beyond words, but also it has woken us up on the fact that work at the shelter can be ever so hard because of the brutal things that have to be dealt with… It’s a never ending story of animal cruelty. 

Please, neuter your pets and your neighborhood strays. By neutering ONE animal, you prevent THOUSANDS of others from being born and experiencing such a cruel fate…
You can make a difference!
Visit us at: www.spca.org.my


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