Hi guys,
Sorry if I have been absent. I was very busy as always. Working hard for little money. I’ll be soon leaving my current company and hoping this little trial and error will work. I have started to create a store to sell jewelries online. I’m not a huge fan of jewelries BUT I LOVE UNIQUE ones. Those you cannot find and/or are original and catches your eyes. I have found suppliers from around the world who are willing to do business with me. For now I can just manage in Asia, but if you are outside of Asia, Shipment will be possible. Just contact me at my website store given below and I’ll let you know what is the price and all.
Also the currency will have to be in Malaysia Ringgit because I’m in Malaysia – duh. But when you translate in dollars, its very cheap!!! Most of my products come from KOREA and some from Japan and other countries. So you can be assure the quality is at its bests!
Also, I need support from all of you to like my facebook page:
and to come and visit my BOUTIQUE:
I’m just a beginner but once all is settled, it will be a good business =)
I hope you guys will find things that you like and as I said, alot of people think my items are SO CHEAP! well THATS the whole point right?
So just wanna wish all of you a HAPPY SHOPPING!

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