To all my wonder readers!

I am busy if haven’t been on this post for a really long time. you know how life is nowadays. Have to work really hard to earn little money…

Anyways, since I’ll be leaving from a company next month, I have invested on this little shop that I’ve always wanted to do. To sell jewelries!!! Despite I’m not a huge fan of jewelries, but I DO like UNIQUE ones. Those you cannot find and/or original. So I have found a lot of suppliers from almost around the world and are willing to do business with me.

So here I have created a shop of my own and hopefully it will work! Okay so guys please don’t be shy to ask me anything. If you are from outside Asia, shipment CAN be arranged! There is no such thing as ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ 😉

Hope you guys will find something you like. They are all very cheap and most are from KOREA. Currently the currency on this website is Malaysia RINGGIT, because I’m currently in Malaysia – duh. So don’t be shy to shop around! =)


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