Toxic, burnt, skinned, blasted, melts, thins.. What are you doing for the Earth?

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Take time to reflect about the beauty of this planet we call home this week during Earth Day! Ask yourself this question, “Am I making a difference to enhance, protect and invest in the quality of life for future generations of this planet we named Earth?” If not, then begin this week by applying actions to a few green ideas and investments to this Planet.

There are many great ways to do improve Earth Day:

Lead an Earth Day 2011 Event

Organizing a local Earth Day event is a great way to do something positive in your community while growing the Billion Acts of Green campaign.

What can you do? Earth Day events are limited only by your imagination. Organize your own beach or neighborhood cleanup. Host a phone banking drive to demand that your elected leaders support climate and clean energy legislation. Schedule a local Day of Conversation with local officials. There are millions of things you can do locally to have fun and foster positive change in your community

Pledge an Act – Save our Planet!

Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green website is designed to prove the idea that real change occurs best when millions of people commit to it with their actions.
Any individual or organization can register an Act of Green by registrations online.  From Earth Day events and community climate meetings to tree plantings, large-scale light bulb changes and workplace renewable energy retrofits.  Simple individual gestures like riding a bike instead of driving and washing laundry in cold water may also be recorded.
Every Act registered will be counted toward our ultimate goal of amassing one billion actions in advance of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  At millions of actions, A Billion Acts of Green® is the largest environmental service and advocacy campaign in the world.
As individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments steadily build their commitments in honor of Earth Day, A Billion Acts of Green® will inspire and reward even further reductions in carbon emissions and sustainability advancements around the world.

Attend Local Events

There are many local events actually running at this moment; CLEAN GARBAGE PROJECT – Best Environmental Performance Schools – Institute of Subjective Well-Being (ISWB) Earth Day: Green Subjective Well-Being – SustainUS Fund Raiser.  If there aren’t any events going on in your local area, go ahead and be the first to start creating awareness about Earth Day Campaign!

So Don’t forget to visit: Earth Day 2011


20 Unfortunate Puppies…

On the 26th of February, one of the vet arrived at the SPCA shelter around 7:30 a.m. to see a rather terrible spectacle. One of the vets there had found three buckets -full of water.

3 Bucket

The vet knew too well what it was all about, as this scenario has already happened many times.To most of the staff’s horror, however, they saw that those buckets contained not only water, but…quite a number of puppies! They were almost under water –the staff remained speechless & shocked, not knowing what to think!The vet said to one of the colleagues: “This is what we mean when we say that we receive puppies in buckets. In this scenario, the people must have left the three buckets in front of the gate in the middle of the night when it was raining. Only in the morning, when I arrived, I saw all of those puppies stacked on top of each other. The smallest puppies were at the bottom, the oldest were at the top. In those three buckets, there were almost 20 puppies. Those that were at the bottom, drowned immediately. Those that we took out quickly and put them in one cage were in a state of shock and shivering.’ said the vet.


“The rest that are in the buckets have already died or are on the way.”

“Putting down animals especially puppies is extremely heart breaking for us.” She continues. “We are the ones that have to see all those puppies die right in front of our eyes. We wish we had a choice, but in such cases as these, we have absolutely no choice at all, but to euthanize them.” The vet walked away with guilt and disgust, having no further things to say. Some of the staff were almost in tears and shocked. Twenty puppies in three buckets!? Hard to believe such a thing! How can people be so heartless or not even think of what could happen to those puppies during the night? It was unforgivable to let so many puppies end their lives in such a manner, by drowning! Out of all of those twenty puppies, only three survived. Those that were in the cage were too traumatized and infected by the dirty water, so they had to be humanly euthanized to end their suffering.

The three surviving puppies were right at the top, so they were less traumatized and shocked and not touched by the dirty water.

The work of the staff at the SPCA shelter can be so difficult & heart-rending, when such events as this one, happen!It has shocked us beyond words, but also it has woken us up on the fact that work at the shelter can be ever so hard because of the brutal things that have to be dealt with… It’s a never ending story of animal cruelty. 

Please, neuter your pets and your neighborhood strays. By neutering ONE animal, you prevent THOUSANDS of others from being born and experiencing such a cruel fate…
You can make a difference!
Visit us at:


Woman Forced Abortion at 8 months pregnancy

BEIJING – A pregnant woman in south China was detained, beaten and forced to have an abortion just a month before her due date because the baby would have violated the country’s one-child limit, her husband said Thursday.

Construction worker Luo Yanquan said his wife was taken kicking and screaming from their home by more than a dozen people on Oct. 10 and detained in a clinic for three days by family planning officials, then taken to a hospital and injected with a drug that killed her baby.

Family planning officials told the couple they weren’t allowed to have the child because they already have a 9-year-old daughter, Luo said.

For the last 30 years, China has limited most urban couples to just one child in a bid to curb population growth and conserve its limited resources. China has the world’s largest population, with more than 1.3 billion people. Couples that flout the rules face hefty fines, seizure of their property and loss of their jobs.

The case is an extreme example of the coercive measures Chinese officials sometimes use to comply with the strict family planning regulations. Though illegal, police and judicial authorities often look the other way when forced abortion cases are reported and the heavily censored state media shy away from such news.

But in recent years, victims have begun to speak out about their ordeals with the help of the Internet and text messaging. Aiding them are social campaigners and lawyers who have documented cases of forced late-term abortions. Similar abuses have been reported in Hebei and Shandong provinces and in the Guangxi region.

An official with the Siming district family planning commission, which oversees Luo’s neighborhood, confirmed there was a record of Luo’s wife, Xiao Aiying, undergoing an abortion recently but said the procedure was voluntary and that she was about six months instead of eight months pregnant at the time. Like many Chinese bureaucrats, he refused to give his name.

China bans forced abortions, but doesn’t prohibit or clearly define late-term abortion.

The Siming official said Xiao’s husband had approved the abortion, a claim Luo denied.

“I never signed anything. No one in our family did,” he said by telephone from Xiamen. “I called the police but they said family planning issues weren’t their responsibility. I want to sue, but lawyers I’ve asked here say they can’t help me and the media won’t report on our case.”

Luo set up a blog last week to let people know what had happened to his wife, and satellite broadcaster Al-Jazeera posted a report about the couple’s case on its website Wednesday.

Photos on the blog show a pained-looking, and clearly pregnant, Xiao sitting on a hospital bed after the injection but before the baby was stillborn 40 hours later. Other images show a large purple bruise on her arm and scratches on her leg, which Luo said were caused when family planning officials hit and kicked her as she struggled to get away.

Ordinary Chinese reacted with anger and disgust to Luo’s online account, posting comments that called the family planning officials cruel and inhuman.

Xiao delivered the dead baby on Oct. 14 but remains hospitalized and may require emergency surgery to remove pieces of placenta still in her uterus, Luo said. The couple, both 36, were not informed of the sex of the aborted baby, Luo said.

A man who answered the phone at the obstetrics ward of the Siming No. 1 Hospital confirmed that Xiao was still a patient there. He refused to provide more details or give his name.

Telephone calls to the press office of the National Population and Family Planning Commission in Beijing rang unanswered Thursday.

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Jealousy…Give me a break!

Well sorry I haven’t updated my blog lately. I kinda had a tiny personal problem and friend problem.

To begin with, I fought with one of my friend (a guy) well didn’t fight just tried to reason with him about his gf nagging at me and stabbing my back every time I do something. 4days ago it came to a point that it has become unbearable for me to handle because of her stupid jealousy. Because me and him we are pretty much close friends. Known each other for 3 years and been friends all those times. Nothing more, nothing less. Until this girl came into his life. They dated and she went to visit him at his country for 3 months. Ok that is fine, but somehow something went wrong…she started asking all sort of question about me and him. I don’t know she suddenly got So concerned about me and thinking that I was dating him…

Any who I explained her that we where just friends. Things started to put pressure on me and him and prevent him from talking with me on msn while she was around. Well that i pretty much understand and I respected their space and did my own things. Then things started to calm down , no complains or jealousy and me and him started to talk again on msn. We talk like all friends would, being all silly messing around and talk about things we have in common.

4days ago, suddenly out of the blue, he deletes me from facebook. Ok i was wondering what did i do. of course its AGAIN his gf being jealous about me of two little stupid things i wrote on his wall.

1. Me and a friend wrote something on his wall which was quiet hilarious. It was on the 26th Feb 2010. I said “Once upon a time…” and this friend continued the story which was really funny. Then I continued too. Can’t this woman have some little humor? and it doesn’t even concerned her! And for goodness sake i’m not friend with his gf but YET she is still jealous of me for what?!?!? o.O For some little humor?!

2. About a picture which i drew a heart and tagged him. If she looked better, it was a picture of “friendship” but since she is ‘insecure’ she took this picture personally and thinks that i’m being mean to her. For Gawd Sake!!! It doesn’t concerned her AGAIN. She just nose into his business and trying to find a reason to break our friendship.

If you look carefully, look at the date i posted it and tagged. Nov 2009. Do you know what day and YEAR we are in NOW?!?!?!?!?!? and she brings this up NOW?! and if she looked carefully, it wasn’t ONLY to him! jeeeesuz!!

Ever since she dated him, she has never been nice to me and the problem is, she is not showing her real self with him. Only when he turns his back at her, she starts harassing me. I did tell him, but then I know too well I’ll be the villan…

A while back there was some volcanic trouble at the Icelandic area. Even though i’m not friend with her (my friends gf), i was being polite to ask her how she was and if the situation was really that bad. She replied nicely so i taught ‘Oh she calmed herself’. God knows that i was completely wrong. She started telling me things that i shouldn’t even know or want to know. Then I did remember she mentioned about going for trips maybe to the UK and california then going to visit him. So i said ok thats very nice and all. But something tells me that she was still not feeling secure since she blurs me information that I didn’t even asked o.O So i left the conversation very quickly.

So now, it has come to a point that I, in the end was the villan. That i made him unhappy and its the reason why she is leaving him for the UK for couple of months. I tried telling him she has planned that before. She just trying to give an excuse to leave him. Maybe she does have someone else at the UK that she is doing behind his back. But he wouldn’t hear of me at all.

She got sooo unconfortable about that picture and the humor wall i wrote, that she gave a reason as to why she is leaving for UK for 3-4months and not to see him… I was confused about everything. Nothing made sense, but unfortunately it came to a really bad time. because he just lost his friend at a car accident and she isn’t even around to comfort him. I didn’t know what to do or what to say anymore. I felt he was completely poisoned by her charm that he isn’t seeing what she is doing. Evicting every girl he was friend with. Even on facebook…

Anywho, pretty much now I’m just done with this whole thing. Since i’m seen only as a villan and she has always wanted our friendship broken up (has she told me plainly) that there isn’t much to do but to leave.

I really don’t understand girls like these. She is the one seeing him, dating him talking with him. What more does she wants? What is it that she feel so insecure about me being friends with him?

She knows that i like him. Yes I do, that is why we are friends for 3 years. Your not exactly going to be friends with someone that you actually hate o.O …

Anyways so thats that. I haven’t slept well at all. My stress levels are gotten so high, since I last spoke with him. He has done so much for me and I have done so much for him in returned that we became close. I don’t know why that was wrong for her to see that. I always kept him private since he is such a good friend. But now I had enough. He will have to open his own two eyes.

I had lack of sleep, hungry in the middle of the night even though i ate a lot at 7pm. I lost weight… everything is just upside down…

R.I.P: Brittany Murphy & Roy E.Disney

Brittany Murphy, age 32

Brittany Murphy (November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009)[1] was an American actress and singer. She starred in films such as Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, 8 Mile, Sin City and Riding in Cars with Boys, and performed vocals on a range of films and with dance musician Paul Oakenfold, together garnering a number one dance music hit in the United States in 2006.

Early Life:

Brittany Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 10, 1977. Her parents, Sharon Murphy and Angelo Bertolotti, divorced when she was two years old, and Murphy was raised by her mother, in Edison, New Jersey, and later in Los Angeles, where they moved so Murphy could pursue an acting career. Murphy said her mother never tried to stifle her creativity, and she considered her mother a crucial factor in her later success: “When I asked my mom to move to California, she sold everything and move out here for me. … She always believed in me.”Murphy’s mother is of Irish and Eastern European descent and her father is Italian American. She was raised a Baptist and later became a non-denominational Christian.


At 8:00 a.m. (16:00 UTC) on December 20, 2009, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to “a medical request”  at the Los Angeles home Murphy and Monjack shared. She apparently collapsed in a bathroom. Firefighters attempted to resuscitate Murphy on the scene, and she was subsequently transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead on arrival at 10:04 a.m. after going into cardiac arrest. Cause of death is yet to be determined, but Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the Associated Press: “It appears to be natural.” Full results will not be known until an autopsy is performed, and experts have looked into her medical records and toxicology reports.


Roy E.Disney, age 72

Roy Edward Disney, KCSG (January 10, 1930 – December 16, 2009)[1] was a longtime senior executive for The Walt Disney Company, which his father Roy Oliver Disney and his uncle Walt Disney founded. At the time of death he was a shareholder (over 16 million shares or about 1%), and served as a consultant for the company and Director Emeritus for the Board of Directors. He is perhaps best known for organizing the ousting of two top Disney executives: first, Ron Miller in 1984, and then Michael Eisner in 2005.

As the last member of the Disney family to be actively involved in the company, Roy Disney was often compared to his uncle and father. In 2006, Forbes magazine estimated his personal fortune at about USD$1.2 billion.

Early Life

Disney was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Edna (née Francis) and Roy Oliver Disney, and nephew of Walt Disney. He graduated from Pomona College in 1951 and first began working for The Walt Disney Company as an assistant director and producer (True-Life Adventure). He continued until 1967 when he was elected to the Board of Directors of the company.


On December 16, 2009, Disney, who had suffered from stomach cancer for a year, died at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, California. His death occurred 43 years and one day after Walt Disney died, also from cancer. In addition, he died exactly 12 years after his aunt, Lillian Bounds Disney, and 4 days before the 38th anniversary of his father’s death. Roy Disney was 79 years old.[1] He was cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea.

R.I.P to both of them.

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